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SIS Security

Paxton access control systems secure your building electronically rather than the traditional lock and key method. This flexible system provides a full audit trail of who moves around your building and when. Not only can you see the movement of people, you can set access permissions to restrict this movement. You can easily set up the system for each door to only grant access to certain tokens, increasing the security of your building. This may be handy to shut down the site for cleaning by amending the settings to grant permission to the cleaners tokens only.


Keep Covid-19 Secure

You can set your system up to enforce a one way route of travel round your site or to stagger start and finish times of your employees. This is important to prevent people crossing paths and limit the spread of germs.

With some pro software, you can control the access permissions to limit the number of people allowed in a certain area at once. This can be tailored to how many people is considered safe in your area. To make this manageable, you can have the system text or email you when capacity is nearly reached.


Why you should install an access control system

It Is important to install an access control system that suits the needs of your building. Paxton offer a variety of systems that are perfect for smaller business with one door to larger organisations with multiples floors and plans to expand further.

  • Simple system management that we commission when installing.
  • Possibility of integrating alarm, CCTV and entry systems.
  • Much more secure and economical than traditional lock and key.
  • You can do all of this from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

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