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SIS Security

There are bound to be many changes put in place in all aspects of life going forward due to the Covid-19 outbreak. For your employers to return to work safely, why don’t you be one step ahead? Here are just a few suggestions to keep your premises safer.


Contactless Exit Buttons

This button allows for non-contact door release so high standards of hygiene can be met. There is no need to physically touch the button as it is activated by close proximity of the hand.


One-Way Travel

You can set your access control system up to enforce a one way route of travel round your site or to stagger start and finish times of your employees. This is important to prevent people crossing paths and limit the spread of germs.


Capacity Monitoring

With some pro access control software, you can control the access permissions to limit the number of people allowed in a certain area at once. This can be tailored to how many people is considered safe in your area. To make this manageable, you can have the system text or email you when capacity is nearly reached.



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