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An up to date CCTV system is key in ensuring the security of your residential or commercial property. See below our top 3 reasons for installing CCTV on your Premises.



CCTV cameras act as good deterrence to prevent crime happening as it increases the risk involved for the thief. This applies to pre-planned crime and spontaneous crime as the sight of a camera instantly makes someone think twice of their actions. This applies to illegal acts like littering as well as thieving, keeping your property more respected and secure.


Recorded Footage

If a crime does take place, you are able to locally or remotely view the footage. This is helpful for the police to identify potential criminals and bring justice. The cameras record 24/7, 365 days a year and footage is stored for an average of 30 days so you should be able to access the footage required.


Remote Viewing

As long as you have a broadband connection on site, you can set up the app on your PC, tablet or smartphone to view the footage from anywhere. This is beneficial if you cannot attend site but wish to view footage. We use IP camera technology where possible, this allows for sharp and high-definition images.



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