Job Vacancy

Security Installation Services Ltd is recruiting. We are looking for a permanent experienced Security Installation Engineer to install, maintain and repair CCTV, Access Control and Door Entry Systems.

The salary will be £25,000 to £35,000 per annum dependent on experience and is negotiable. It may be fixed or commission based and this is open to discussion.

Most work activity will take place within the Greater London area. Candidates must live in London, be flexible and willing to travel daily. A motorcycle licence is an essential requirement to secure this position. Candidates will be expected to have a good level of knowledge across CCTV (including IP), Access Control, Audio and Video Door Entry Systems and Electronic locking. They must be able to apply this knowledge to diagnose, problem solve and develop solutions in addition to completing new installations from start to finish.

The successful candidate must be willing to act as a positive representative for our Company. They will have excellent customer service skills and be able to communicate well, both verbally and electronically. Please send your CV to