Company History

Initially starting out as a sole trader in 1991, with a £1700 tax rebate as the sole source of financial input, and a £5,000 half page advert in the Local Directory, Bradley Mak ventured into the world of self-employment. With Donna, his ever supportive partner, now wife, behind him, the sole trader became Managing Director in 1993 when Security Installation Services Limited was formed.

Going from strength to strength over the last 22 years, building new business relationships whilst still maintaining existing clients, the Company has seen many changes. The business was originally run from a home office in EC2, then moved into a retail premises in Parkway, Camden, London NW1, where it remained for 18 years, selling security products and offering a key cutting service, as well as the external installation and maintenance service.

At first, physical security in the form of high security locks, grilles, gates and doors was at the forefront of the business, but as times have changed, electronic security has become more widely available and the Company embraced this to offer electronic access control and surveillance systems alongside the more traditional security solutions.

Late in 2012, with mixed emotions, it was decided that the retail shop in Camden was to close and whilst it was sad to see one side of the business disappear, it did mean that more energy and enthusiasm was able to be directed towards the installation and maintenance section. The business is now run from an office in Kent, but the main work activity is carried out in the Greater London area still.

This brings us up to date and it has to be said that throughout all of the changes, one element has remained at the core of Security Installation Services Limited – excellent customer service. And that will remain so.

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